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Breaking Into Joy:Meditations for Living in the Love of Christ
Author: Anne Costa
Product Code: BJOYE4
Web Price: $8.76   (Save 20%)
Looking To St Francis: The Man From Assisi And His Message Of Hope For Today
Authors: John D. Bohrer, Joseph M. Stoutzenberger
Product Code: BSTFE4
Web Price: $10.36   (Save 20%)
Prayer Journal 2015: The Gift of Eternal Life
Editor: Word Among Us Press
Product Code: JP2015
Web Price: $11.16   (Save 20%)
Prayers to the Holy Spirit: Power and Light for Your Life
Author: Bert Ghezzi
Product Code: BPHSE4
Web Price: $8.76   (Save 20%)
The Look And Find Book Of Bible Stories
Author: Marion Thomas   Illustrator: Andrew Everitt-Stewart
Product Code: BABSE2
Web Price: $10.36   (Save 20%)
Why The Eucharist Matters For Your Life: The Practical Reality of Christ's Power and Presence
Author: Chris Padgett
Product Code: BLTEE4
Web Price: $10.36   (Save 20%)

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Jesus Speaks To Me About The Mass
Author: Angela Burrin   Illustrator: Maria Cristina Lo Cascio
Product Code: BQBEE1
Web Price: $10.36   (Save 20%)
Pope Francis Speaks To Our Hearts
Author: Pope Francis
Product Code: BPF1E3
Web Price: $8.76   (Save 20%)
Author: Stephanie Jeffs   Illustrator: Jenny Thorne
Product Code: BCMTE5
Web Price: $9.56   (Save 20%)
The Joy of the Gospel: Evangelii Gaudium
Author: Pope Francis
Product Code: BPFJE3
Web Price: $9.56   (Save 20%)
The Light Is On For You: The Life-Changing Power Of Confession
Author: Cardinal Donald Wuerl
Product Code: BLITE4
Web Price: $10.36   (Save 20%)
The Women of the Gospels: Missionaries of God's Love
Author: Mary Ann Getty-Sullivan
Product Code: BTWFE9
Web Price: $9.56   (Save 20%)

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