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Biblical Women in Crisis: Portraits of Faith and Trust

Biblical Women in Crisis: Portraits of Faith and Trust

Author: Jeanne Kun

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We have all faced times of crisis. The key is to respond with faith and trust in the Lord. And who better to learn from than the heroines of the Bible? In this study, we encounter biblical women from both the Old and New Testaments who are caught up in difficult, surprising, or uncertain situations. The choices they make to face or embrace those situations are models for us when we are confronted with such events in our own lives. Among the women studied are Hannah, Naomi and Ruth, Martha, and Jesus' mother, Mary.

Each session of this Bible study features
 •  the Scripture text to be studied and insightful commentary.
 •  questions for reflection, discussion, and personal application.
 •  "In the Spotlight" sections featuring witnesses of modern-day healings.