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The Psalms: Gateway to Prayer
Author: Jeanne Kun
Product Code: BPSAE3
For nearly three thousand years, men and women from diverse lands and cultures have been lifting their hearts to God by praying and singing the psalms. In this newest Bible study in The Word Among Us Keys to the Bible series, popular author Jeanne Kun shows us why these beautiful and timeless songs have such a universal appeal.

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The Women of the Gospels: Missionaries of God's Love
Product Code: BTWFE9
The gospels portray women as significant and influential members of Jesus' followers. This Bible study presents six examples of women in the gospels who encountered Jesus and spread his message of love..

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An Invitation to the Contemplative Life
Author: Wayne Simsic
Product Code: BTM1E6
Thomas Merton, a twentieth-century Trappist monk, wrote passionately about spirituality in a way that speaks to the hearts of men and women today. Merton's gift to all of us is this simple message: the contemplative experience, which uncovers our unity with the Lord and a new vision of life, is not only for monks but for all Christians.
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