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Following Mary to Jesus: Our Lady as Mother, Teacher, and Advocate

Following Mary to Jesus: Our Lady as Mother, Teacher, and Advocate

Author: Fr Andrew Apostoli CFR

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In his trademark warm and friendly style, popular speaker and author Fr. Andrew Apostoli shows us the important roles that Mary plays in the lives of Christian disciples. Fr. Apostoli focuses on three specific ways Mary leads us to Jesus—as mother, teacher, and advocate:
• In her motherly role, she gave life to Jesus and gives life to us, her spiritual children.
•&nbsp In her teaching role, she shows us how to trust in God's providential working in our own lives, just as she trusted in God when she completely abandoned herself to his will in her own life.
•&nbsp In her role as advocate, she has compassion on all her children as she intercedes for us.

Apostoli uses numerous anecdotes and stories to engage his readers as he helps Catholics gain a deeper appreciation of Mary's active and loving presence in their lives.

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