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The Quick Reference Guide to the Catholic Bible

The Quick Reference Guide to the Catholic Bible

Author: Mary Ann Getty-Sullivan

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How many times have you wanted some context and background about a book of the Bible but didn't have the time to wade through a long commentary? The Quick Reference Guide to the Catholic Bible is a concise guide that is meant to orient you as you read the various books of the Bible—something you can keep by your side and glance at quickly before going back to your prayer. This reference guide features
   •   Introductions and a glossary for each major section of the Scriptures;
   •   An "At a Glance" section summarizing key attributes of each book;
   •   Presentation of the book's structure, content, major themes, and the consensus opinion about the human author;
   •   The literary form of the book;
   •   Key passages of each book, including the most famous references;
   •   A "Food for Though" section intended to lead readers to meditate on what the book means for their own lives.
This is a reference guide you will want to have with you every time you open the Bible!