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About Us

The Word Among Us Press is the book publishing division of The Word Among Us, Inc. – A non-profit corporation. Since 1997 The Word Among Us Press has published over 75 titles and currently adds 10-15 new titles each year.

Our Mission Statement:

   •  To encourage Catholics to develop a life-changing and intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, sustained and nourished through prayer, Scripture, and the liturgy.

   •  To witness to the power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of saints and Christian heroes, both from the past and today.

   •  To support Christ-centered relationships within families, Christian community within parishes, and unity among the people of God.


The Word Among Us is best known for our monthly Catholic devotional, first published in 1981. The Word Among Us is now published in 14 languages and distributed in more than 90 countries.

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    -La Palabra Entre Nosotros

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