Open Your Heart, Listen to God

Authors: Mark Hart, Fr. John Muir
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ISBN: 978-1-59325-327-1
Binding: Softcover
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God always has more for us—more of this love, more of his grace, more of his peace. Getting More out of Mass will guide individuals and groups in experiencing God in Mass.

Each booklet is 40 pages, and features five sessions, including a Scripture passage, a short commentary, and questions for discussion and reflection. Suggested prayer exercises for during the week deepen the reader's connection with the Lord and help set the pattern for a regular time of daily prayer and reflection.

These booklets were especially designed for individuals or parish groups that have limited time but are looking for a great impact. They are perfect for any small group or for parents whose children are attending religious education classes.

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Award-winning author and speaker Mark Hart, editor of the series, introduces each booklet and, in his engaging style, assures us that there really is"something more" that the Lord wants to give us!