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A Happy and Holy Family Lent
Author: Angela Burrin
Product Code: BLNTE1
This Lent, families are invited to read this booklet together and discover the good news about Jesus that will add meaning and purpose to life.
Encountering the Lord in the Gospel of Mark: A 30-Day At-Home Retreat
Author: Leo Zanchettin
Product Code: BLZME1
As you pray through the Gospel of Mark, you’ll discover his story is filled with good news and amazing miracles. He wants you to see how Jesus loves you, and desires to fill you and transform your life.
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Getting More Out of Lent
Product Code: BHLEE9
For many of us, Lent can be a challenging time. We endure the pain of fasting, the struggle to give up comforts, and the hope to get through without too many slipups. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Getting More out of Lent will guide readers to experience the wonderful gifts of the season of Lent.

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God Dwells in Me: Living the Power of your Baptism
Author: Joel Stepanek
Product Code: BHBPE0
Discover the power of Baptism in your life today.
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Jesus' Journey to the Cross: A Love unto Death
Author: Jeanne Kun
Product Code: BTWGE9
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Accompany Jesus through the events of his passion, death, and resurrection in this newest Scripture guide of our popular Keys to the Bible series.

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Learning to Trust from Mary: Meditations on the Rosary
Product Code: BJRRE1
How often do we think of Mary’s trust in the Lord?  The Rosary can guide us to this same trust of what Mary herself learned: that when we place everything we have in the hands of the Lord, he will guide us.
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The Busy Person's Guide To An Extraordinary Life
Product Code: BGKBE0
With insight and joy, Deacon Kandra provides everyday wisdom to love God and our neighbor.
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The Busy Person's Guide To Prayer
Product Code: BGKAE9
Drawing from his own experience and those of fellow Catholics and the saints’ lives, Deacon Kandra helps us realize the importance of prayer and offers practical tips for making it a part of each day.

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The Seven Last Words of Christ: A Bible Study on the Passion of Jesus
Author: Rich Cleveland
Product Code: BJY3E3
The Emmaus Journey Bible Study series invites small faith-sharing groups to spend seven to ten weeks exploring the Scriptures and allowing God's word to more deeply penetrate their hearts.
The Words of the Risen Christ: A Bible Study on Jesus' Resurrection
Author: Rich Cleveland
Product Code: BJY6E5
In this Emmaus Journey Bible study, popular author Rich Cleveland delves into the significance of Jesus' resurrection appearances. His final words, such as "Go make disciples"and "Do you love me?" set the tone for each of the eight sessions and are the launching pad to explore such themes as community, reconciliation, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the call to evangelization.

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What Does Jesus Want You To Know This Lent?
Author: ChristLife
Product Code: BPAMC3
In a world filled with confusing messages, struggling to know God, this Scripture based pamphlet reveals the lifechanging story of God’s love for each person. Make this a transformation Lent by sharing this vital message with your community. See the faith of people in your community awakened to the good news of the gospel!

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