The Word Among Us


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Calendar Bundle
Product Code: BSPCE0
Calendars available in bundle My Spirit Rejoices and Fr. Larry Richards: No Bible, No Breakfast! No Bible, No Bed!
Children's Bundle
Product Code: BSPKE0
Bundle includes God's Angels, A Christmas Story with St. Joseph, and The Christmas Mouse.
Family Bundle
Product Code: BSPFE0
Bundle contains Praying for Our Adult Sons and Daughters, Praying for (and With) Your Spouse, and The Catholic Grandparents Handbook.
Fr. Riccardo Bundle
Product Code: BSPRE0
Bundle includes Rescued, Heaven Starts Now, and Rerouting.
Hope Bundle
Product Code: BSPHE0
Bundle includes The Busy Person's Guide to an Extraordinary Life, Living the Fruit of the Spirit, and The Best Is Yet to Come.
Inspiration Bundle
Product Code: BSPIE0
Books available in bundle are Ascending with Ignatius, Jesus 365, A Prayer Book for Catholic Women, and Overcommitted.