The Word Among Us

Angela Burrin

Angela Burrin is director of The Word Among Us Partners ministry to prisoners and men and women in crisis pregnancies. Each month, The Word Among Us Partners sends 124,000 men and women in challenging situations-prisoners, service men and women, college students, and women and men facing a troubled pregnancy—free copies of the Catholic devotional The Word Among Us. Through this devotional, they are able to hear God's word and experience transformation in their lives.

Prior to joining The Word Among Us Partners, Angela spent 20 years in the field of education as a teacher, including 9 years as the founding principal of Mother of God School in Maryland.

She is the bestselling author of Jesus Speaks to Me on My First Holy Communion and numerous other children's books.

Angela was born in Kent, England and currently resides in Montgomery Village, Maryland.

Angela Burrin's Books

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Jesus Speaks to Me on My First Holy Communion
Author: Angela Burrin   Illustrator: Maria Cristina Lo Cascio
Product Code: BQBBE9
In this unique gift book, Jesus speaks warmly and lovingly to children who are receiving him in the Eucharist for the first time. In twelve scenes from Scripture, from Creation to Pentecost, Jesus explains that it is his Father's plan for each child to be part of their family of love. He invites the child to be his friend and to draw close to him in the Eucharist and in prayer.
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Jesus Speaks To Me About My Baptism
Author: Angela Burrin   Illustrator: Maria Cristina Lo Cascio
Product Code: BAPTE5
In this beautifull illustrated book about Baptism, Jesus "speaks" directly to the children, explaining step by step what happened at their baptism and why. Each part of the rite is linked to a scene from Scripture, such as the story of Noa''s Ark and Jesus' own baptism in the Jordan.

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God Is Listening to Me: My Book of Catholic Prayers
Author: Angela Burrin   Illustrator: Andrew Everitt-Stewart
Product Code: BPRAE7
God listens to us when we pray! This collection features not only traditional Catholic prayers but also original ones that will encourage kids to begin to pray each day and learn how to talk to God as they would their best friend.

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Heaven is a Wonderful Place
Author: Angela Burrin   Illustrator: Gustavo Mazali
Product Code: BLADE9
We know heaven is a wonderful place because the Bible tells us so! This children’s book, written for elementary readers, explores what the Bible and our Catholic faith tell us about heaven.
My First Communion Prayer Book
Author: Angela Burrin
Product Code: BACME9
This collection of new and traditional Catholic prayers will help children make prayer a daily part of their lives.
Is It Christmas Yet? Making Advent Fun and Meaningful for Your Family
Author: Angela Burrin
Product Code: BACYE0
Bring your family together during a season that is often too busy, and draw your children closer to Jesus by sharing the meaning of Advent and Christmas.