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Abide In My Word 2025: Mass Readings At Your Fingertips
Product Code: AB2025
Pray the Mass readings every day of the year!
Ablaze: 5 Essential Paradigm Shifts for Parish Renewal
Product Code: BCHAE9
Drawing from decades of experience and service to over a hundred parishes, Deacon Keith Strohm breaks down the often complex and overwhelming task of parish renewal using a simple-to-understand framework that can help put your community on the path to vitality.

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Advent: A Family Celebration: Prayers and Activites for Each Day
Author: Julie Walters
Product Code: BAFCE4
Enjoy the wealth of Advent traditions, such as the Advent wreath and the Jesse tree, while sharing Scripture, meditations, reflections and prayer with family members of all ages.

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Behold the Mystery: A Deeper Understanding of the Catholic Mass
Author: Mark Hart
Product Code: BMORE3
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As Catholics, the Mass should be a mountaintop experience for us. Often, though, we go through the motions at Mass without an appreciation for what has really happened. Popular speaker and author Mark Hart helps Catholics move beyond the repetition and ritual to see the Mass for what it really is: a heavenly banquet, a wedding feast, in which heaven and earth meet.

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Dictionary Of Biblical Theology: Leon Dufour
Product Code: BDUFR5
This Dictionary presents the key theological concepts of the Bible in a way helpful to both the scholar and average reader.
Don't Be Afraid to Say Yes to God! Pope Francis Speaks to Young People with Reflections by Fr. Mike Schmitz
Product Code: BPFPE8
Set out for the future without fear! That's the message of Pope Francis to young people as he challenges them to follow Christ and his plan for their lives.This collection of short excerpts of Pope Francis' talks from around the world along with reflections and questions by Fr. Mike Schmitz speaks to the best instincts of young people.

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Encountering the Lord in the Gospel of Mark: A 30-Day At-Home Retreat
Author: Leo Zanchettin
Product Code: BLZME1
As you pray through the Gospel of Mark, you’ll discover his story is filled with good news and amazing miracles. He wants you to see how Jesus loves you, and desires to fill you and transform your life.
Finding a Loving God In The Midst of Grief
Product Code: BGRFE9
For the many people who face seasons of grief, this book is written to help them not only find comfort, but to also grow closer to God, who often seems far off or even absent, in their journey through grief.

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Free To Be Holy: Discovering Who You Are in Christ
Author: Matt Lozano
Product Code: BMLHE3
For some people, holiness can feel like a heavy burden or an unrealized expectation. But what if holiness is actually an adventure? What if the pursuit of holiness is really the pursuit of joy? What if holiness is about choosing the best,again and again, so that in God, we fulfill our deepest desires?

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Having Meaningful (Sometimes Difficult) Conversations with Your Adult Sons and Daughters
Product Code: BGLPE1
Do you wish you could have discussions about difficult topics with your adult children? If so, you’re not alone.
Heaven Starts Now: Becoming a Saint Day by Day
Product Code: BNOWE7
Once we have encountered the Lord Jesus, how do we keep growing in Christ? How do we let the Lord mold us and make us into missionary disciples capable of spreading the gospel? Instead of just trying to get into heaven, how do we live the life of heaven now so that we can become saints?

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How to Listen When God is Speaking: A Guide for Modern-Day Catholics
Product Code: BLTGE0
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"In How to Listen When God Is Speaking, Fr. Mitch Pacwa challenges Catholics to embrace their fundamental vocation: to be a listener. In the best of the Ignatian tradition, he teaches us to hear God's voice—above the noise we encounter each day—and take it to heart. This book is a real gift for our spiritual lives. I recommend it for all readers. " —Most Rev. Timothy M. Dolan, Archbishop of New York

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Into the Heart of the Father: Learning From and Giving Yourself through Christ
Product Code: BDLJE1
The more immersed we are in prayer, the more immersed we are in Christ's message and sharing that message. In this book, Leonard DeLorenzo guides us through Jesus descent to humanity and his ascent back to heaven, how his disciples (including us) are formed in prayer, and the need to let go of our agenda, and be formed by God with consistent prayer and patience.

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Journey with God: Finding Peace and Happiness
Author: Gary Zimak
Product Code: BJFZE1
In this book, he lays out a practical, step-by-step approach to knowing, loving, and serving God. Learn to spend time in God’s presence and encounter him in your daily life.
Living the Fruit of the Spirit: How God’s Grace Can Transform Your World
Author: Joshua Danis
Product Code: BFRTE0
Discover a fresh approach to growing in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

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Overcommitted: Cut Chaos and Find Balance
Author: Rachel Balducci
Product Code: BRBGE0
Are you pulled in so many directions that you wonder if you are just overcommitted? Rachel Balducci, mom of six, has wondered the same thing. In Overcommitted, she gives us a solution to our frenzied days and a plan for achieving balanced, God-centered days.

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Pinocchio with Reflections on a Father’s Love by Franco Nembrini
Author: Carol Collodi
Product Code: BPINE4
This edition, brought to you through the collaboration of Wiseblood Books and Well-Read Mom, pairs the original story with a commentary by the Italian writer, teacher, and Dante expert Franco Nembrini.
Rerouting: Finding Our Way Back to God and His Church
Product Code: BBTGE8
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When we lack a basic understanding of what the Church teaches, we can feel as if we're on a road without a map, or have the wrong map, or only pieces of the map. So how can we journey to the Father and the eternal life Christ won for us? Without a map, how will we make it to our destination? Rerouting presents us with a sweeping vista of what we believe in a way that makes sense and causes our faith to grow and flourish, both in our hearts and in the world.

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