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Abide In My Word 2023: Mass Readings at Your Fingertips
Product Code: AB2023
Abide in My Word keeps Catholics in sync with the beautiful liturgical seasons of the Church.
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The Divine Encounter: Meeting Jesus in Eucharistic Adoration
Product Code: BHMME2
With busy schedules, carving out time for Adoration can seem daunting, but this latest book from Mark Hart will help you spiritually exhale and give you tools to make the most out of your time with Jesus.

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Thriving Faith: Discipleship in Uncertain Times
Product Code: BDRME2
Using his personal experiences and a deep understanding of our Catholic faith, he breaks open Scripture to reflect on how we can grow as disciples of Jesus—as individuals and as members of communities of faith.

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Your Most Powerful Question: Finding Purpose and Meaning in God's Plan
Author: John Olesnavage
Product Code: BJOLE2
Your Most Powerful Question offers a practical, simple discernment tool to help Catholics find their purpose and define their role in God’s plan.

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The Companion Book of Catholic Days
Author: Karen Edmisten
Product Code: BKEDE2
This beautiful book will bring the rich traditions of the Catholic Church’s liturgical year into your home and your heart.
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With Jesus to the Cross: Year C
Product Code: BEC2E6
How can we come to a deeper understanding of what Christ did for us through the cross? As we reflect on the Sunday Mass readings during Lent using With Jesus to the Cross, we discover that the paschal mystery is the doorway through which we truly become a new creation in Christ.

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Having Meaningful (Sometimes Difficult) Conversations with Your Adult Sons and Daughters
Product Code: BGLPE1
Do you wish you could have discussions about difficult topics with your adult children? If so, you’re not alone.
$11.96(Save 20%)
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Learning to Trust from Mary: Meditations on the Rosary
Product Code: BJRRE1
How often do we think of Mary’s trust in the Lord?  The Rosary can guide us to this same trust of what Mary herself learned: that when we place everything we have in the hands of the Lord, he will guide us.
$11.96(Save 20%)
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Encountering the Lord in the Gospel of Mark: A 30-Day At-Home Retreat
Author: Leo Zanchettin
Product Code: BLZME1
As you pray through the Gospel of Mark, you’ll discover his story is filled with good news and amazing miracles. He wants you to see how Jesus loves you, and desires to fill you and transform your life.
$11.96(Save 20%)
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Memento Mori: An Advent Companion on the Last Things
Product Code: BDSPE1
his latest in a series of books by Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP, explores the traditional Christian practice of meditation on death in light of Christ. Includes Scripture-based daily reflections from the liturgy for each day of Advent.
Journey with God: Finding Peace and Happiness
Author: Gary Zimak
Product Code: BJFZE1
In this book, he lays out a practical, step-by-step approach to knowing, loving, and serving God. Learn to spend time in God’s presence and encounter him in your daily life.
$2.00(Save 86%)
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God Dwells in Me: Living the Power of your Baptism
Author: Joel Stepanek
Product Code: BHBPE0
Discover the power of Baptism in your life today.
$2.00(Save 71%)
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St Joseph, Tender Father: His Life and His Care for Us Today
Editor: Louise Perrotta
Product Code: BLPJE1
In this book, Louise Perrotta invites you to meet and learn from this largely unnoticed saint who was called in a unique way to reveal God’s glory to the entire world.
$2.00(Save 83%)
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Into the Heart of the Father: Learning From and Giving Yourself through Christ
Product Code: BDLJE1
The more immersed we are in prayer, the more immersed we are in Christ's message and sharing that message. In this book, Leonard DeLorenzo guides us through Jesus descent to humanity and his ascent back to heaven, how his disciples (including us) are formed in prayer, and the need to let go of our agenda, and be formed by God with consistent prayer and patience.

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