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Beloved Catholic Prayers (Pamphlet)
Product Code: BPAMP1
Many of the traditional prayers—handed down by the Church from generation to generation—are said communally by believers as they gather together for worship. Others are prayed privately by individuals communicating with God devotionally. The selections in Beloved Catholic Prayers honor and recognize both of these traditions.
Learning from Saint John Paul II (Pamphlet)
Product Code: BPAMJ1
The three meditations in this booket are designed to assist your journey into a deeper prayer life with the example and guidence of this beloved pope and fellow pilgrim. Learn from the Holy Father about prayer and its relationship to our mission in the world, about saying yes to God without fear, and about being open to the action of the Holy Spirit in our lives.
Mary: The Handmaid of the Lord (Pamphlet)
Product Code: BPAMH1
This pamphlet presents three articles that unfold for us the life of the Virgin Mary and its profound meaning.
Thérèse's Little Way (Pamphlet)
Product Code: BPAMT8
This easy to read 32 page booklet will show you the beauty of St. Thérèse's life and how she learned to love others and trust in the Lord, no matter what the circumstances.
The Gift Of The Holy Spirit (Pamphlet)
Product Code: BPAMH9
This easy to read, 24 page booklet combines Fr. Montague's deep knowledge of Scripture with his own personal experience of how the Spirit has worked in his life. It will lead you to a more vibrant prayer life and a more intimate relationship with the third Person of the Trinity.