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Learning from Saint John Paul II (Pamphlet)

Learning from Saint John Paul II (Pamphlet)

Authors: Jo Garcia-Cobb, Keith Cobb

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The three meditations in this booket are designed to assist your journey into a deeper prayer life with the example and guidence of this beloved pope and fellow pilgrim. Learn from the Holy Father about prayer and its relationship to our mission in the world, about saying yes to God without fear, and about being open to the action of the Holy Spirit in our lives.
In their preface, the authors write: "Our prayer for you as you read this book echoes Blessed John Paul II's prayer for the church to contemplate the face of Christ as intimately as his mother, Mary, did. May you recognize the Lord wherever he manifests himself, but above all, in his living presence in the Eurcharist."
Selections are from the book Praying with Blessed John Paul II.

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