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Anne Costa

Anne Costa is a spiritual coach, motivational speaker, and the founder of Veronica Ministries, an apostolate to promote the culture of life. She hosted the radio show “A Servant’s Heart,” which aired on a local New York Christian station. Anne is director of development for a nonprofit organization, and lives in Baldwinsville, New York, with her husband and daughter.

Anne Costa's Books

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Breaking Into Joy:Meditations for Living in the Love of Christ
Author: Anne Costa
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"The joy of the Lord is our strength." Worries, pressures, disappointments, and stress are the weeds that crowd out the fruit of joy in our hearts. How can we remember that God's joy is available to us at every moment? How can we resist succumbing to negativity, sadness, or cynicism?

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Praying for Those with Addictions: A Mission of Love, Mercy, and Hope
Author: Anne Costa
Product Code: BADKE6
We all know people who struggle with addictions. Sometimes they are our dearest loved ones. We often feel helpless in the face of their struggle, and yet our prayers are the best weapons we have to help them break free.

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