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Call Me Blessed Scripture and Prayer Journal
Author: Elizabeth Foss
Product Code: JPF1E8
Call Me Blessed is a Scripture study journal that is thoughtfully written and beautifully designed. You will find a daily devotion, some thoughts to consider as you reflect, and a prayer prompt to dovetail with your reading. There are thoughtfully-crafted, generous pages for writing and art journaling.

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Getting More Out of Lent
Product Code: BHLEE9
For many of us, Lent can be a challenging time. We endure the pain of fasting, the struggle to give up comforts, and the hope to get through without too many slipups. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Getting More out of Lent will guide readers to experience the wonderful gifts of the season of Lent.

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How to Catholic Family: Nurturing Faith in the Messiness of Everyday Life
Product Code: BFAME9
This book is a practical, encouraging guide for “the rest of us”: Catholic parents that want to impart the faith to their children but aren’t quite sure where to start.

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The Gift Of The Holy Spirit (Pamphlet)
Product Code: BPAMH9
This easy to read, 24 page booklet combines Fr. Montague's deep knowledge of Scripture with his own personal experience of how the Spirit has worked in his life. It will lead you to a more vibrant prayer life and a more intimate relationship with the third Person of the Trinity.
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Con Jesus a la Cruz, Ano B: Lider/Individual
Product Code: BEC2S1
Esta guía de siete sesiones facilita el estudio de las lecturas de la Misa dominical del tiempo de Cuaresma.
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Con Jesus a la Cruz, Ano B: Usuario para Grupos Pequenos
Product Code: BEC2S2
Diseñada especialmente para participantes de grupos pequeños, esta guía del usuario facilita el estudio de las lecturas de la Misa dominical de Cuaresma. Los líderes deben utilizar la guía del líder.
I Own a Bible and I’m Not Afraid to Use It
Product Code: BLSBE0
In this engaging book, Laura Stierman invites you to find guidance and inspiration in the words of Scripture in a personal, more thoughtful way.

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Into the Heart of the Father: Learning From and Giving Yourself through Christ
Product Code: BDLJE1
The more immersed we are in prayer, the more immersed we are in Christ's message and sharing that message. In this book, Leonard DeLorenzo guides us through Jesus descent to humanity and his ascent back to heaven, how his disciples (including us) are formed in prayer, and the need to let go of our agenda, and be formed by God with consistent prayer and patience.

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St Joseph, Tender Father: His Life and His Care for Us Today
Editor: Louise Perrotta
Product Code: BLPJE1
In this book, Louise Perrotta invites you to meet and learn from this largely unnoticed saint who was called in a unique way to reveal God’s glory to the entire world.
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Called to Christian Joy and Maturity:Forming Missionary Disciples
Product Code: BDKDE0
More than ever, Christians must be grounded in their identity and purpose to reach a hurting world. This groundbreaking book brings together the latest best practices for how to be (and help others become) mature, balanced, and joyful Christians today.

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Wisdom from the Lives and Letters of St Francis de Sales and Jane de Chantal
Product Code: BFRJE1
As St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane Frances de Chantal did for so many others, these master spiritual directors can guide you gently and lovingly to Jesus, so that he can reign in your own heart.

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Abide In My Word 2022: Mass Readings at Your Fingertips
Product Code: AB2022
Join thousands of Catholics who rely on Abide in My Word as a familiar and treasured tool.
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Reach More Mission Training: Point Person Workbook
Product Code: BEC8E1
This workbook is your week-by-week guide to preparing and facilitating the twelve sessions of Reach More Mission Training.
Entrenamiento misionero de Reach More: Personas
Product Code: BEC8S1
Este libro de ejercicios es una guía semanal para preparar y conducir las doce sesiones del entrenamiento misionero de Reach More.
Entrenamiento misionero de Reach More: Participantes
Product Code: BEC8S2
Este libro de ejercicios será tu compañero durante doce sesiones grupales de entrenamiento y formación.
God Dwells in Me: Living the Power of your Baptism
Author: Joel Stepanek
Product Code: BHBPE0
Discover the power of Baptism in your life today.