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Why Do I Go to Mass Anyway?
Product Code: BPAMW9
It is not unusual to find Catholics who go to Mass because it was what they were taught to do or because they want to set a good example for their children. While these reasons are a good start, there is so much more waiting for them at the Mass. This pamphlet is designed to give people a new outlook and renewed hope, with effective and life-changing Catholic wisdom and practice.

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Why Does the Resurrection Matter?
Author: ChristLife
Product Code: BPAMC7
For so many people, the resurrection is an historic story, but for the most part removed from their lives.  Yet, the resurrection is the most pivotal, most powerful, and significant event in the history of mankind, and has the power to transform our lives.  This Easter share the real and life-changing reason we celebrate Easter.
Why The Eucharist Matters For Your Life: The Practical Reality of Christ's Power and Presence
Author: Chris Padgett
Product Code: BLTEE4
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The Eucharist is a practical reality—Jesus wants to be present in our everyday encounters and experiences. The forty reflections in this book will enlarge your vision of the power of Christ through the Eucharist to change your life and those you meet.

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Yes, There is a God: And Other Answers to Life's Big Questions
Product Code: BHERE7
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Written in a fun and engaging style, this book tackles some of the most important questions and mysteries of life. Strengthen your own faith and share this great resource with others on the journey!

Dr. Bergsma, a professor at Franciscan University and noted biblical scholar, uses both words and illustrations to tell the story of the Bible.

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Your Life in the Holy Spirit: What Every Catholic Needs to Know and Experience
Author: Dr Alan Schreck
Product Code: BHASE7
Your Life in the Holy Spirit offers a popular and comprehensive explanation of the role of the Holy Spirit in the Christian life. In this book, a new edition of Hearts Aflame, best-selling author Alan Schreck presents the Spirit as the "friend closest to our heart", who leads us in prayer, directs our mind with truth, and makes us holy.

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