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The Busy Person's Guide to an Extraordinary Life

The Busy Person's Guide to an Extraordinary Life

Author: Deacon Greg Kandra

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What if you could live each day with joy and purpose? Join beloved author Deacon Greg Kandra as he uncovers the rich treasury of Scripture and Tradition to discover just how to live an extraordinary life starting today!

“Deacon Greg Kandra leaves us feeling that an extraordinary life is within grasp if we just pay a bit closer attention to God and our neighbor.” — Greg Erlandson, director and editor-in-chief, Catholic News Service

“How can I love God and love my neighbor? The truth is that I’m often too distracted by the busyness of life to put it into practice. Deacon Greg Kandra gives me practical steps to follow and reminds me that even I can lead an extraordinary life.” — Gary Zimak, bestselling author, speaker, and radio host