Open Your Heart, Listen to God

Author: Kevin Perrotta
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Repentance is a gift—because coming to the realization of ourselves as sinners opens our hearts to the gospel. And while consciousness of our sins is uncomfortable, it is also a cause for hope. In those feelings of guilt, says popular Scripture commentator Kevin Perrotta, God is calling us to return to him.

The first three sessions of this Bible study are designed to spur readers to reflect on their own experience of recognizing their sins and taking action against them. The second three sessions focus on Jesus, who calls us to grow in love beyond anything that is easy or comfortable for us—and enables us to do it by nourishing us with himself.

To aid your study, the author has recorded short podcasts below ranging in length from four to seven minutes. They are designed to supplement each of the six sessions. You can listen to them as a group or individually.

Supplementary Podcasts