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The Persistent God: A Guide to Deepening Prayer

The Persistent God: A Guide to Deepening Prayer

Author: Albert Haase, OFM

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Do you ever get distracted when you’re trying to pray? Do you ever wonder if you’re praying the right way? Bestselling author Albert Haase, OFM, presents a practical and timely book on discovering how to respond to God’s relentless invitation to a deeper relationship that goes beyond Sunday Mass attendance. In The Persistent God, you will find answers to many nagging questions you may have, including:

 • Why does prayer seem so hard?
 • Am I doing enough?
 • What should I look for in a spiritual director?
 • How can I discern what God is saying to me?

With decades of experience praying and offering spiritual direction, Albert Haase shares his wisdom on nurturing a vibrant, committed, and mature relationship with God.

Check out these video shorts to learn more about the book.

In this 30 minute interview, Albert Haase shares about his work as a spiritual director and his book.