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Protect your monthly issues of The Word Among Us with this attractive magazine slip cover.
A Prayer Book for Catholic Women: Traditional and Contemporary Prayers for Every Season of Life
Author: Agnes Kovacs
Product Code: BWMNE8
Prayer lifts us up and transforms our lives—and the lives of those we love. This beautiful prayer book is the perfect guide for women of all ages who want to deepen their personal relationship with the Lord.

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Divine Renovation Beyond the Parish
Product Code: BDRDE9
Divine Renovation Beyond the Parish is Fr. James Mallon's answer to, "Now what?" He wants to encourage you to pray, to trust, and to take the necessary steps to see your parish and your diocese fully equipped to fulfill God's mission for the Church today.

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God Is Listening to Me: My Book of Catholic Prayers
Author: Angela Burrin   Illustrator: Andrew Everitt-Stewart
Product Code: BPRAE7
God listens to us when we pray! This collection features not only traditional Catholic prayers but also original ones that will encourage kids to begin to pray each day and learn how to talk to God as they would their best friend.

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Heaven is a Wonderful Place
Author: Angela Burrin   Illustrator: Gustavo Mazali
Product Code: BLADE9
We know heaven is a wonderful place because the Bible tells us so! This children’s book, written for elementary readers, explores what the Bible and our Catholic faith tell us about heaven.
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Into the Heart of the Father: Learning From and Giving Yourself through Christ
Product Code: BDLJE1
The more immersed we are in prayer, the more immersed we are in Christ's message and sharing that message. In this book, Leonard DeLorenzo guides us through Jesus descent to humanity and his ascent back to heaven, how his disciples (including us) are formed in prayer, and the need to let go of our agenda, and be formed by God with consistent prayer and patience.

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Journey with God: Finding Peace and Happiness
Author: Gary Zimak
Product Code: BJFZE1
In this book, he lays out a practical, step-by-step approach to knowing, loving, and serving God. Learn to spend time in God’s presence and encounter him in your daily life.
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The Best Is Yet To Come: Growing Older with Joy and Fulfillment
Product Code: BYETE9
Do you wish your later years came with a manual? While we all face fears about growing older, we can still approach our time and our relationships with faith, fun, and fulfillment.

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The Strategic Grandparent: Your Most Important (and Fun) Role Yet
Product Code: BGRPE0
The Strategic Grandparent gives you a step-by-step plan for connecting with your grandchildren, engaging them, and making a lasting impact in their lives. You have an important role to play in God's plan for your grandchildren—take the first step today!

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Unleashing the Power of Scripture: A Guide for Catholics
Author: Mark Hart
Product Code: BLCPE4
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In his entertaining and engaging style, Mark Hart (also known as "The Bible Geek") shows readers why Scripture should be central to our life with the Lord. When we become immersed in Scripture, he says, we allow it—not the secular culture—to form our minds and hearts.

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