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Wayne Simsic

Wayne Simsic leads seminars and retreats on spirituality, prayer, and the mystics as spiritual guides. He teaches in the Religious Studies Department and the Ministry Program of Ursuline College in Pepper Pike, Ohio. Among the numerous books he has written are Praying Through Our Losses: Meditations for Those Who Are Grieving and Thomas Merton: An Invitation to the Contemplative Life.

Wayne Simsic's Books

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The Inward Path to God: A Prayer Journey with Teresa of Avila
Author: Wayne Simsic
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It's been five hundred years since the birth of the great saint and doctor of the Church Teresa of Avila, yet her words and wisdom still have the power to leap across the barriers of time and culture.

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An Invitation to the Contemplative Life
Author: Wayne Simsic
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Thomas Merton, a twentieth-century Trappist monk, wrote passionately about spirituality in a way that speaks to the hearts of men and women today. Merton's gift to all of us is this simple message: the contemplative experience, which uncovers our unity with the Lord and a new vision of life, is not only for monks but for all Christians.
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