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Deacon Keith Strohm

Deacon Keith Strohm is the former director of the Office for the New Evangelization and a deacon for the Archdiocese of Chicago. A well-known international and conference keynote speaker, he has helped tens of thousands of men and women hear the gospel message and encounter the mercy, love, and power of Jesus Christ. Deacon Keith has extensive experience in creating and sustaining processes and programs of evangelization and formation at the group, parish, and diocesan level that focus on the making, maturation, and missioning of disciples of Jesus Christ. He is the executive director of M3 Ministries and a long-time teacher and collaborator with the Catherine of Siena Institute.

Deacon Keith Strohm's Books

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The Ten Biggest Lies of the Enemy—and How to Combat Them
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Jesus died to set us free, yet we all experience thoughts from the enemy that lead us away from Christ and his truth. Popular author and speaker Deacon Keith Strohm shines God's light on ten of the most common lies that Satan uses to bind our hearts and prevent us from experiencing the fullness of God's love.

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Ablaze: 5 Essential Paradigm Shifts for Parish Renewal
Product Code: BCHAE9
Drawing from decades of experience and service to over a hundred parishes, Deacon Keith Strohm breaks down the often complex and overwhelming task of parish renewal using a simple-to-understand framework that can help put your community on the path to vitality.

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