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Jesus Speaks To Me About My Baptism
Author: Angela Burrin   Illustrator: Maria Cristina Lo Cascio
Product Code: BAPTE5
In this beautifull illustrated book about Baptism, Jesus "speaks" directly to the children, explaining step by step what happened at their baptism and why. Each part of the rite is linked to a scene from Scripture, such as the story of Noa''s Ark and Jesus' own baptism in the Jordan.

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Jesus Speaks to Me on My First Holy Communion
Author: Angela Burrin   Illustrator: Maria Cristina Lo Cascio
Product Code: BQBBE9
In this unique gift book, Jesus speaks warmly and lovingly to children who are receiving him in the Eucharist for the first time. In twelve scenes from Scripture, from Creation to Pentecost, Jesus explains that it is his Father's plan for each child to be part of their family of love. He invites the child to be his friend and to draw close to him in the Eucharist and in prayer.
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Journey with God: Finding Peace and Happiness
Author: Gary Zimak
Product Code: BJFZE1
In this book, he lays out a practical, step-by-step approach to knowing, loving, and serving God. Learn to spend time in God’s presence and encounter him in your daily life.
Learning from Saint John Paul II (Pamphlet)
Product Code: BPAMJ1
The three meditations in this booket are designed to assist your journey into a deeper prayer life with the example and guidence of this beloved pope and fellow pilgrim. Learn from the Holy Father about prayer and its relationship to our mission in the world, about saying yes to God without fear, and about being open to the action of the Holy Spirit in our lives.
Learning to Trust from Mary: Meditations on the Rosary
Product Code: BJRRE1
How often do we think of Mary’s trust in the Lord?  The Rosary can guide us to this same trust of what Mary herself learned: that when we place everything we have in the hands of the Lord, he will guide us.
Living the Fruit of the Spirit: How God's Grace Can Transform Your World
Author: Joshua Danis
Product Code: BFRTE0
Discover a fresh approach to growing in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

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Lord, Renew Your Wonders: Spiritual Gifts for Today
Author: Damian Stayne
Product Code: BDSTE7
The rediscovery of the charismatic gifts by ordinary Catholics throughout the world was an answer to a prayer by Blessed Pope John XXIII asking the Holy Spirit to "Renew your wonders in our time, as though for a new Pentecost." Damian Stayne provides not only amazing stories of God's presence and work in our time but also a host of practical instructions on how to grow in these gifts.

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Mary: The Handmaid of the Lord (Pamphlet)
Product Code: BPAMH1
This pamphlet presents three articles that unfold for us the life of the Virgin Mary and its profound meaning.
Mary's Life in the Holy Spirit: A Model for Us
Author: Andi Oney
Product Code: BYESE9
In this practical look at Mary and the Holy Spirit, author Andi Oney demonstrates that while Marys relationship with the Holy Spirit is a unique one, yet it is one that God wants for each of us.
My First Communion Prayer Book
Author: Angela Burrin
Product Code: BACME9
This collection of new and traditional Catholic prayers will help children make prayer a daily part of their lives.
Overcommitted: Cut Chaos and Find Balance
Author: Rachel Balducci
Product Code: BRBGE0
Are you pulled in so many directions that you wonder if you are just overcommitted? Rachel Balducci, mom of six, has wondered the same thing. In Overcommitted, she gives us a solution to our frenzied days and a plan for achieving balanced, God-centered days.

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Praying for (and with) Your Spouse: The Way to Deeper Love
Product Code: BHWPE8
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Praying for (and with) Your Spouse will show you how to let God take every part of your relationship to the next level—from living each day with your joys and struggles to working out your decisions and disagreements to setting aside time for love and romance.

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Praying for Our Adult Sons and Daughters: Placing Them in Heart of God
Product Code: BPACE2
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When our children become adults, we can't hold them on our laps and protect them like we used to. We need new strategies for caring for them. And the most important strategy of all is to lift up our adult sons and daughters in prayer and place them in the heart of God. .

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